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Smoothie Bowling Tips and Tricks


Ever wondered why your smoothie bowls turns more into soup rather than ice cream? The Smoothie Bowl Shack prides itself on only serving the thickest of the thick to our customers! We thought it was about time we shared our top 3 tips when it comes to getting the most out of your smoothies at home!

1.Freeze all your fruit

Yep if your wanted a thick consistency you must make sure all the fruit you blend is frozen, this way you get a nice creamy and icy end result instead of one that is thin and soupy.

2. Little to no liquid

This is super important when making your smoothie bowls at home! Unfortunately it does take a little more elbow grease to achieve this but it is all worth it in the end.

Be patient and take your time to smash the F out of the fruit! The more effort you put in here the thicker the smoothie consistency will be. Noting worth having in life doesn’t come without a little sweat ;)

3. Know your creamy fruits

Okay that doesn’t really make much sense does it? Well no but it does in our minds. Fruits like bananas, mangoes and steamed veggies such as sweet potato and cauliflower create that smooth creamy texture we are after instead of a slushy like consistency (unless your going for that).

We love the use of bananas and mangoes in our kitchen. Incorporating these textures will help you get the most out of your bowls.

I hope this little blog post helps you create the smoothie bowl of your dreams - when its ain’t Saturday when your instead coming to get one of ours hehe.

Happy Smooting!


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